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For Chun

Dear Yichun,

Hello! Ermmm.. actually I dunno if you are reading this but I thought you'll check me out since I've just tried adding you as my friend. *shrugs* It just suddenly struck me that you might drop by so I thought I'll leave an entry for ya~ Ermmm... actually I've been reading your blog for a while and I just wanna tell ya I'm very fascinated by the way you pamper ya Blythe dolls and the shots were all superbly well-taken! I envy your dolls as they get to dress up more nicely than me and travel places where I guess I might never get to go~ =P And your meowmeow looks wonderful as well, all nice and mellow when you took the pics of the dolls before meowmeow. So cute!

I tried to leave you comment before but you only allowed friends to comment in ya LJ... anyway when I wanna left you comment quite some time ago, was wanting to tell you who I am. Dunno if you still remember me though =P I emailed you before a few times and I was a fan of yours since the Friday Weekly times... Hee, still can remember the time when I bought your Puppy Love and you were there at the book fair so on the spot after my purchase you autographed on my book and gave me 2 Puppy Love bookmarks as well!

Well I wasn't exactly a fanatic and over time we all get busy and forgot about those wonderful 'childhood' (was in lower sec actually) when I just loved the way you drew all the characters so well and nicely-proportional. Later I found you again along with your weekly work in Lianhe Zaobao and with the info given I went to your website. I was totally in love with your beautiful artwork all over again, now even more evident with colours and lotsa galleries.

Really have to tell you this: when I was a kid and idolizing you, your artwork inspired me so much I wanna draw just like you and publish my own comic like you one day, but although my drawing sucks and I failed in this arena where I think you rule, at least I've got one piece of multi-boxes-comic published in Friday Weekly before. Earned 20 bucks from it and at that time 20 bucks was like a gift from heaven! My pen-name then was something-天使, although not "粉红天使" =P

Early last year I emailed you and Jay for permission to use your 'girl with wings' art on my then newly-acquired webby. Both of you nice peeps allowed me to, and of course I left a link to with acknowledgement.

I have to admit that's one of the prettiest layout I've ever used for my webby! And currently I regret to say that I've been ignoring my beloved paid-webby for sometimes because I haven't got my Photoshop since I last formatted my lappy. *pouts* Would love to make a new layout and make it all pretty again!!!

Oh, I digressed... anyway yea, actually I dun mind if you dun add me lah, just wanna you to know that all the while you've got a fan who's been supportive (at times? =X) and dun worry lah... I'm not a stalker stalking you all over the net or something. =P Just a fellow blogger who happened to chance upon ya blog and realised my idol from more than 10 years ago blog like me too!! Once again reminded me of you (yes I do forgot!), my then idol, and get to learn the fact that you are away from Singapore and having a great life with ya hubby, chubby meowmeow and beautiful well-pampered Blythe dolls.

Hee~ Anyway I still wanna say I'm fascinated by ya blog all the times, the beautiful sceneries with your dolls standing prettily in the foreground, the yummy food you cooked or had out with ya hubby, the perfect little clothings from Puppy Love Blythe Fashion (1st I was amazed, then I wish I could wear them!), the nonchalant (sometimes yawning) meowmeow... among many others. I've visited lotsa blogs that whine and rant and talk about daily-bored-readers-to-death-stuff just like mine... IMHO your blog really stands out positively - it's always so sweet and refreshing! Wow I really love ya blog yea~ No kidding!! =)

Hope I never scare you or something writing such a long comment for you in my blog for all to see... LOL. Thanks for inspiring me when I was still a 'kid'! Nothing great came out but well, I did earn 20 bucks from it... kekeke~ =P All the best for your awesome life with ya hubby, meowmeow, the gorgeous dolls, beautiful house and wonderful career~ *^_^*

Lotsa lurve, 粉红天使

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Ate too much these days. 1 day of gym per week is definitely not enough!!! Will blog again on this whole week's Mon-to-Fri-summary tomorrow night if I haven't been knockout after tomorrow's late night outing with Keelyn and Katherine. =P Can't wait to meet the girls. And can't wait for weekend when I can meet dearie and finally get to see his new hairstyle!! ^^ Have a great Friday tomorrow!~
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